If Anyone is Around

All my life I have grown up thinking my only goal in life is to find “the one.” Everything around us, thats all most everyone talks about. Finding this fairy tale of a life with your dream girl/guy. After basically going through another failed relationship on bad communication and selfishness I have finally said enough. I had love once and I blew it. And instead of going through another 20 shit relationships to try to find something close to it, I have this urge for loneliness. I just want to become invisible. (having social media is hypocritical, but it would be nice to find someone who thinks the same.) This world makes us believe that if we are alone we are losers, something is wrong with us and that’s not even the case. I feel like being alone is safe, secure, you have a less chance of loosing everything. When you die, you die alone so I am wasting my whole life finding “the one” and in the end loose them to death? Why would I do that when I could be alone and accomplish every goal, have every dream come true and die with a smile on my face instead of a ache in my heart. That just sounds lovely to me. I just wish the world would stop making me think that being alone is horrible and depressing. It’s hard to find someone that has the same dreams as you so it’s better to follow them on your own and find someone on the way or once all your goals have been reached.